Testimonial from Dr. Mandy Reece–Associate Professor, PCOM School of Pharmacy–who hired Dr. Bill Lampton to help her prepare to speak at an annual professional meeting.

Beau Henderson, founder of RichLife Advisors and well-known radio personality–
talks about how Bill helped him boost his career by improving his speaking skills


“I have enjoyed working with you over the last few months. You have done wonders with two of my phobias which include speaking in front of a camera, as well as public speaking. I appreciate your recommendations and you have truly taken me to a more confident level in my speaking.”

–Lane Jones, President, Highland Mountain Beverage Services, Inc.

“We recently retained Bill to assist us with improving our professional speaking and presenting skills. Through his written and audio works, together with his intensive series of speech coaching sessions, which included videotaped presentations with Bill’s assessment and feedback, we enjoyed immediate and obvious improvement in our speaking and presenting skills that no doubt will serve us well for years to come.”

–Robert G. Pennington, President & CEO, Willis Investment Counsel


“Bill Lampton makes communications simple. I had the pleasure of participating in a recent presentation of his, and I found his ideas easy to follow and supported by examples and visual media. Bill Lampton earns points with me by delivering points clearly, and that’s just good communication.”

–Paul Johnson, VP, Sales and Marketing, The Adams Companies

“Dr. Lampton provided an interactive and engaging seminar: ‘Network Your Way to Profit & Prominence.’ The information he provided to our small business owners was enlightening with resources and new ideas they could implement immediately.

After hosting Dr .Lampton at this event, I now understand why he is recognized for his expertise in communication, sales, customer service and motivation.”

–Jean McCullough, Project Manager, Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

“My firm recently hired Bill to provide “speech coaching” in preparation for our Annual Meeting. I found Bill’s advice and coaching to be extremely helpful. He helped me build confidence in my public speaking skills while also giving me targeted pointers about ways to relax, slow down and connect more with the audience. I would recommend Bill’s coaching without reservation to anyone who wants to upgrade their public speaking skills.”

–Jay Kilroy, Willis Investment Counsel

“I’ve had the great pleasure to hear a talk by Bill to a group of senior executives & recommend him highly as a speaker, coach and author. Many in the audience were fairly seasoned speakers and presenters, but each person learned many great new lessons. Bill taught each of us to leverage that inevitable twinge of stage-fright (which simply means you care about your audience and your message) to communicate with poise, power and persuasion. Bill connected with each person, conveying many valuable and highly actionable tips. During my career, I’ve had the opportunity to ask many a great speaker and leader to share thoughts at annual sales meetings. It’s definitely safe to say Bill is on my “go to” list to do so again!”

–Jay McKenzie, Group Publisher, Lifestyle & Shelter, Bonnier Corporation

“I had the opportunity to attend one of Bill’s seminars. Bill was extremely engaging and enthusiastic while using a fundamental framework to weave his message on communication. Utilizing homespun humor, a fantastic knack for timing, and a stellar and commanding timbre, Bill provided the crowd with a great lesson presented in an entertaining way.”

–Jason Petrovich, Consultant, Palladin Solutions, LLC

“Bill presented at an executive forum I attended recently and really impressed me and the rest of the large audience with his command of the material and his remarkable presentation skills. Bill has a great message and delivers that message with great skill.”

–Walt Carter, Principal, RM BATTLE, LLC

“When I saw the Championship Communicator was going to be our keynote speaker, I thought “well that should be a ringer!” – what professional specializing in communication could fail to meet expectations in conveying concepts to a group of law firm managers? What I was not prepared for, and what brought me into complete presence throughout his keynote address, was feeling through his words and actions that Dr. Lampton had complete appreciation for and interest in our profession. He regularly hit unique issues and scenarios right on target, which kept me engaged and anxious to hear what he had to say about solutions. Dr. Lampton had obviously taken the time and made a considerable effort to fully understand our plights and current challenges, and presented a relevant and thought provoking series of applications which we could all take away and immediately apply. I am truly grateful for Dr. Lampton agreeing to come to the “Far North” to put his ideas forth to our Association – and I am personally inspired to apply the same attention to bringing empathy and true understanding to my office management and professional coaching practices.”

–Jan Whyte, Professional Coach and Delegate, BCLMA Whistler Conference 2008

“Your presentations offered the attendees valuable communication skills and advice. I have already put many of the tips and suggestions to use in my daily work, as I am sure many of our members have done as well.”

–Andrea Coron, Executive Director, Virginia Pest Management Association

“It was a great privilege having you present to our sales people at our quarterly sales meeting. Your dynamic style and the super-charged message were both highly motivating to our group. I have received positive feedback from many who attended. Our philosophies for motivating individuals are similar, and I appreciate the reinforcement that your message provided. Thank you so much for an invigorating presentation.”

–Charles R. Oglesby, President and CEO, Nalley Automotive Group

“Your fast paced, interactive program on working with clubs’ Boards presented to the Georgia Chapter of CMAA was both insightful and thought provoking. Working with real life scenarios helped everyone participate in the process of solving real issues and your style of delivery enabled everyone to be part of the program.”

–R. Stacy Webb, General Manger, Forest Heights Country Club

“I was a part-time guest of Bob Stone’s at the CenturyTel conference in Colorado. You did an excellent job.  I was amazed at your technique, style, and ability to teach. It would be worth writing just to tell you that.  As it stands, however, I’ve recently had the opportunity to share your contact information with two companies I work with that are looking for this type of thing.  I hope you hear from them soon; I’ll be more than happy to continue to send people your way.  You did a wonderful job!” 

–Matthew Lampros, President and COO, eLampros

“Your insight into the areas of customer care was most welcomed and I am sure each employee in attendance was able to learn something that will promote a commitment to customer service.”

–Vince Dooley, Athletic Director, University of Georgia 

“Bill did his ‘homework’ to seek information from business leaders across the state to customize his talk ‘Creating a Customer Care Culture for Your Company’ for the pest control industry. It certainly paid off because the feedback from the attendees was extremely positive with many attendees citing that he was their favorite speaker. From a meeting planner’s point of view, Bill was very easy going and pleasant to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend him for your next speaking engagement!”

–Jackie Ellis, Meeting Planner, South Carolina Pest Control Association

“Bill is a top notch professional speaker, a coach and an author. You will appreciate the fact that Bill is ‘low maintenance’ and ‘high value.’ As your speaker, Bill will support you in every way to make sure you have a successful event. He is both accessible and responsive. Bill recently spoke to a group here and the results were phenomenal. His presentation was exciting, entertaining and educational. He immediately captured the group’s attention and kept it. The feedback from the attendees was 100% positive, several attendees mentioning that he was their favorite speaker.”

–Linda Busby, GCTS, Education Specialist, Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau

“Everyone really enjoyed the seminar, and some mentioned that it felt as though they had known you for a long time! I got the same feeling, Bill. The evaluations are great–I will definitely recommend you!”

–Cindy Singletary, Regional Training Officer, Environmental Protection Agency

“Bill delivers a great message with his energetic style and championship communication skills. His wit and humor keep you on the edge of your seat!”

–Bruce Applewhite, Director of Admissions, Macon State College, Bill’s host for the GACRAO convention keynote speech

“I was recently privileged to attend four lectures given by Dr. Bill Lampton while enjoying a Caribbean cruise aboard the fabulous Oceania Regatta. Dr. Lampton’s lectures covered motivation, communications, humor and effective listening among other topics of general interest. Each time his comments were inspiring, entertaining, thought provoking, and motivational. It was immediately apparent to me that I was listening to a man of high character, great understanding, and a highly gifted and effective speaker. It was a great positive experience for both my wife and me.”

–Frederick M. Smith, owner-agent, Fred & Carol’s Traveltime,
Full Service Travel Agency, Midlothian, TX

“Insightful, stimulating and entertaining, Dr. Bill Lampton delivers a knockout presentation! Whether just entering the workforce, enjoying the tenure and challenges of a seasoned manager or you have climbed to the top of the business/corporate ladder, Dr. Lampton’s delightful and thought provoking message provides practical ideas and strategy that will contribute to peak performance in the workplace and enhance the quality of your life at home.”

–E. Earl “Sonny” Hays, Ph.D. Trustee, Ottawa University, Retired CEO,
Boy Scouts of America, Arizona

“In all the years that I have been organizing conferences, I feel that Bill Lampton is one of the very best speakers that I have ever heard. He reaches out to the audience with a warmth and sincerity that is rare. Bill has a way of making his material flow effortlessly while keeping the attendees entertained and energized.”

Braden Albert, President, HR Star Conference

“Bill Lampton never ceases to amaze me with his gift for hitting the nail on the head every time. He has such an astute sense for real customer service, something we all inherently know is driven by two simple fundamentals: our ability to communicate effectively and professionally with our customers, and to lead a motivated, inspired and enthusiastic team who WANT to care for their customers. Bill does two things brilliantly. He teaches us how to be more effective in our communications and he always suggests new and innovative ways to motivate our teams. I find it very rare to find a trainer and speaker who can talk to both what the customer wants and expects and to what staff need to produce the goods.”

–Euan McGlashan, General Manager and Managing Director, Barnsley Gardens

“Bill served as keynote speaker for our AFP chapter’s Philanthropy Day Conference. He delivered an inspiring hour-long message on communication and hosted a workshop for participants. Evaluations rated Bill the highest among a group of six energetic and knowledgeable presenters. I hope we have the chance to have him back in our community. He’s sure to be an asset to your coming endeavors.”

Joel Muller, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Nevada

“Thank you for the half-day seminar you conducted for our staff. It was extraordinary and the staff was delighted the way you had them interact with each other and participate in the presentation. The DISCS were an exceptional hit with everyone. They made us take time to see how others view us as well as our potential to work and communicate with each other and clients. We look forward to having you back at Large and Gilbert for further educational seminars. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to enhance the quality of customer service and communication skills with coworkers as well as clients.” 

–Rhonda Gilbert, CPA, Large & Gilbert, P.C.


“I believe people are given unique gifts in their life, and you Bill have the gift of teaching and sharing with others the magic that communication can bring to every aspect of individuals’ lives.”  

 –Amy Hart, Trust in Business, Munich, Germany

“I have communicated with the attendees at our Workshop and each and everyone of them had the highest praise and enthusiasm for your meeting at Harbourtown, Maryland.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the meeting but most importantly all learned so very much and renewed areas in communicating that we felt so worthwhile.”

           Betty Fatzie, Lab Products, Inc.
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“He kept the audience focused and involved.  Subsequent to his presentations, we have noticed positive changes in the behavior of our employees and their communication skills with our customers.  We would highly recommend Dr. Lampton to prospective clients.”

–Doug Lawson, Laidlaw, Inc.


Bill’s speaking ability is one that we were very fortunate to encounter for Darby Bank & Trust Company’s 75th Anniversary.  We were blessed to have such a unique and creative individual help us celebrate this milestone.”

 –Karen Chapman, Darby Bank & Trust Co.

He loves the game of golf, and knows plenty about professional golf.  Golf organizations will benefit greatly from his expertise in communication and motivation.”

             — Tommy Aaron, PGA Tournament Veteran and 1973 Masters Champion

“Dr. Bill Lampton obviously heeds his own advice. In the six years I have done this radio program, I have never had a guest as clear, as precise, or as entertaining about how both individuals and companies can communicate in ways that achieve genuine positive results. The man is a jewel.”

Dick Mendenhall, Athens, GA Radio Talk Show Host


“Bill Lampton has been an inspiration for me over the past years, and has helped me perform to my highest level of communication, through my forums of radio, television, and magazine businesses.”

 —Doug Hollandsworth, Golf Radio/TV host and magazine publisher

“What gives me the greatest pleasure is that you, as a professional communicator, confirm most of the practices that I have followed during a rewarding thirty-year career in sales.”                                            

Bill Bell, Retired, William B. Bell, Jr. & Associates

“I came away with a better understanding of my personal responsibility for the kind of life that I lead, personally and professionally. I have a more productive attitude.  I also learned communication skills that will further my advancement.  I can truly say this was ‘The Most Incredible Day of My Life,’ knowing that I can make every day special and unforgettable in my own way.”

                                                  –Cindy Smith, referring to Dr. Lampton’s keynote speech at the Georgia Merit Convention titled
“The Most Incredible Day of Your Life!”

“Everyone appreciated the positive you-can-do-it attitude that you projected. I would certainly recommend this program to others.”

–Cecil Caulkins, Missouri Bar 

“Just a word of thanks for your outstanding presentation. You challenged our group, while also energizing them to think beyond their previous roles. The interactive style of your presentation kept us all on our toes. Thanks for taking our Board’s education and self-actualization to the next level.”

–Paul Alexander, Baptist Healthcare Foundation

“Your approach was tailored to our specific needs in a way that exemplifies your ability to listen to your clients and structure your educational delivery accordingly.  Your focus was right on target.”               

–Jerry Fulks, Lanier Park Hospital

“Thank you for the great job you did at our seminar for multi-unit managers. The content was right on target. Your presentation style was excellent.”

–Dave Rusk, Krystal Company

“Your presentations were effective in content and delivery. You effectively designed the sessions to fit our needs in working with diverse groups and in dealing with complex issues.”

–Mary Rountree, National Park Service

“Many of our staff members have commented favorably on your seminar noting how much they enjoyed the learning experience. Thank you for an impressive session which has already been utilized by our staff.”

–Hermann Gammeter, Renaissance Waverly Hotel

“Thank you once again for your presentation.  Those who did attend totally enjoyed your presentation.  The most popular conversations I heard at the reception were pertaining to your discussion on ‘Listening.’  We realized that we really don’t listen as well as we should when it comes to work or our family life.”

Perry Tarleton, Director of Group Sales, Renaissance Concourse Hotel-Atlanta Airport

“Thank you for your superior presentation. Our participants definitely agreed, as evidenced by the excellent evaluations you received from them. Your attention to detail during our discussions was a clear indication that your presentation would be a success.”

–Daye Dearing, State Executive Development Institute

“Your presentation was well received by the participants and demonstrated your preparation for this event. We thank you for your contribution to the success of our tenth annual conference and for responding so well to our program needs.”

–Glorianne Patterson, Pioneer Regional Educational Service Agency 

“Bill’s listeners are accustomed to a presentation that’s interesting, entertaining, and packed with practical advice that helps people communicate more effectively.”

–Kelly Smith, Independent Banks of South Carolina

“We have profited handsomely from your seminar. We had several salespeople for whom it was a complete eye opener. I’ve noticed steady and continuing organizational progress by sales people. I attribute this directly to the quality time spent with you.”

–Ed Fierstos, Macon Telegraph

“College professors (and former professors) have been known to be boring,
but you were not! We found your presentation to be instructive, useful, and entertaining at the same time.” 

–R.M Boutwell, Northeast Georgia Credit Union Chapter

“The ratings you received were excellent. I am already looking forward to next year’s seminar. Thank you again for a great effort.”

–Steve Harper, Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia

“The information you provided is critically important for today’s environment.  Your seminar provided practical, useful ideas.  We will be utilizing the information learned as we implement ‘customer care’ practices on a daily basis.”

–Maurice Coakley, Greater Atlanta Small Business Project 

“Your presentation on communication for better customer service was not only inspiring, but well received by our merchants. You held their attention, gave humorous supporting material, and targeted the importance of good communication.” 

Jeanette Neal, Greenbriar Mall


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