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I will help you become a superlative speaker.  I’ll teach you how to speak

  • Confidently
  • Clearly
  • Convincingly

And I will applaud the loudest when you become the leader others love to follow!


As a result of my coaching, you will get what many of my business and professional clients have experienced:

–ONE: Wow your investors at your annual meeting.

Jay Kilroy of Willis Investments Counsel said: “My firm recently hired Bill to provide ‘speech coaching’ in preparation for our Annual Meeting. I found Bill’s advice and coaching to be extremely helpful. He helped me build confidence in my public speaking skills while also giving me targeted pointers.”

–TWO: Keep company morale high during ownership change.

mundyCraig Mundy did that as Vice President for Human Resources at Gillette, when Procter and Gamble acquired the company. Craig spoke to 55 departments, explaining the transition. Afterward he said: “Bill has provided excellent coaching and guidance. In very little time, he was able to help me communicate with much greater impact. I continue to improve with each opportunity and I constantly apply the techniques we discussed.”

Now a top executive at Ingersoll Rand, that corporation refers to Craig Mundy as our “star speaker.”

–THREE: Make a big hit at a professional conference

Duracell plant manager Rayne Johnsun scheduled my coaching as he prepared to speak at a national conference. In addition to generating high ratings from the audience—4.69 out of a possible 5.00–his presentation led to an attractive job offer from a listener, which Rayne accepted.

jenniferw-FOUR: Represent your company internationally.

Jennifer Warawa, Global Vice President of Sage, did that after my coaching, speaking in London less than a week later—with elevated confidence and a more conversational tone.


–FIVE: Become a star speaker at your alma mater

Investment company president Bob Pennington requested my coaching when his alma mater, Emory at Oxford, invited him to give the commencement speech.

After the commencement, Bob stated that my Speech Coaching had helped him succeed beyond his expectations, both in building his confidence and engaging his audience throughout his speech.

laila–SIX: Emcee a major event

Laila Muhanna, a Licensed Professional Counselor, hired me when she accepted an invitation to emcee a major charity event—a totally new experience for her. Her persuasive emceeing inspired the 400 attendees to double contributions from the previous year.



Lee Ellis— SEVEN: Sharpen your keynote speech

Yes, I work with professional speakers, too—having been one myself since 1997.  Colonel Lee Ellis knew he would speak widely after publication of his book on leadership, so he asked me to evaluate his keynote speech content and delivery. Driving to Iowa after his Kansas City speech, he called me to report his success at the event, judging by enthusiastic audience response during his speech and conversations afterward at an exhibit booth.



–EIGHT: Speak more clearly and personally

Gillette Manager of Operations Graham Forward said after our training at the Boston factory: “The advice you provided highlighted opportunities in the structure and delivery of my presentations. Following your coaching, my presentations are clearer and my delivery style is more personal and compelling.”

Lane Jones–NINE: Subdue your stage fright

Lane Jones, CEO of Highland Mountain Beverage Services, endured paralyzing stage fright before our coaching sessions. He reported gratefully: “You have done wonders with two of my phobias which include speaking in front of a camera, as well as public speaking. You have truly taken me to a more confident level in my speaking.”

–TEN: Present a persuasive case when seeking investment capital

Rick Owings, President of Worldwide, Inc., wrote this soon after our coaching sessions:  “Your suggestions and coaching were very useful and helpful towards making both the presentation and my presenting much better. We will look forward to working with you again as our process continues.”

rickysteeleAdditional Testimonial from an Outstanding Atlanta Leader

Ricky Steele, Chief Development Officer of Delta Global Staffing, echoed what my clients have been saying the last 18 years:  “I can not imagine a better investment for someone wanting to communicate more professionally or speak with greater authority than to engage Dr. Lampton as your coach.”


What qualifies me to become your Speech Coach?

Briefly. . . .
–Taught Speech Communication, University of Georgia, after earning my Ph.D. at Ohio University

–Spent 22 years in management at the vice presidential level, giving me first-hand proof of the need to speak confidently, clearly, and convincingly as a corporate leader

–Professional speaker and speech coach since 1997
–Top-tier client list includes

  • Gillette
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Duracell
  • Sage
  • Celebrity Cruises (Enrichment Lecturer)
  • Ritz-Carlton Cancun
  • British Columbia Legal Management Association
  • Krystal Company

–Interviewed as a communication expert by

  • Entrepreneur
  • HR Today
  • Newsday
  • Washington Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Delta’s SKY
  • Investor’s Business Daily


By now you may have identified how you will benefit from my Superlative Speech Coaching. . . so you will become a superlative speaker.

As a leader, you know that the greater your speaking skill, the greater professional opportunities you will enjoy.

So call me today—describe what you want to achieve. And we will discuss the ideal coaching plan for you.

Yes, call now: 678-316-4300

Your call will be your first step toward becoming the superlative speaker you have always wanted to be!