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With his comprehensive experience in teaching, writing, broadcasting, consulting, coaching, emceeing, directing seminars, and speaking to diverse audiences, Bill is available for:

  • Presentations
    • Meetings, Conferences, Conventions
    • Keynote and Motivational Speeches
    • Commencements
    • Seminars and Breakout Sessions
    • Master Of Ceremonies for Major Events
"Bill customized his presentation by contacting several managers prior to his talk to the Georgia Chapter of Club Managers Association. This process added to the presentation being informative, interesting and right on target for our industry. Everyone enjoyed his topic, which was shown by the positive responses received on our evaluations. We look forward to having Dr. Lampton back!"

--Myra Whorton, Managing Director of the Georgia Chapter of Club Managers Association of America


Before Bill gave the keynote speech for the South Carolina Pest Control Association's Convention, he talked with Buster Dowless, President of the Association, and convention planner Jackie Ellis.


  • Other Services for Organizations
    • Consulting
    • Media Relations Advising 
    • Narrating Audio and Video Productions 
    • Directing Board and Staff Retreats 
    • DISC personal style analysis 
    • Sales Training
“The DISCS were an exceptional hit with everyone. They made us take time to see how others view us, as well as our potential to work and communicate with each other and clients.”

       --Rhonda M. Gilbert, Managing Partner, Large & Gilbert


  • Services for Individuals
    • Speech Coaching
    • Editor / Author
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Produce brief promotional videos

Bill with Craig Mundy, a Gillette Company Human Resources executive, who relies on Bill's coaching to improve his Presentation Skills.



 "What gives me the greatest pleasure is that you, as a professional communicator, confirm most of the practices that I have followed during a rewarding thirty-year career in sales."

--Bill Bell, Retired, William B. Bell, Jr. & Associates

"Just a word of thanks for your outstanding presentation. You challenged our group, while also energizing them to think beyond their previous roles. The interactive style of your presentation kept us all on our toes. Thanks for taking our Board's education and self-actualization to the next level."
--Paul Alexander, Baptist Healthcare Foundation

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“Speech Coach for Champions”

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