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Every day, we gain valuable inspiration and direction from outstanding role models.

That’s why I have begun an incredibly productive affiliation—which I am now making public—with distinguished leaders I call Pinnacle Seekers.

What the Name Implies

Why that name? That’s easy:

Pinnacle implies the top, the summit, the peak, the ultimate in achievement—both in professional and personal life.

Seeker recognizes that you haven’t gotten there yet, not entirely. Big goals remain. You realize you haven’t learned it all or done it all—or helped as many people and organizations as you want to.

In fact, you never will say “No more challenges ahead of me.” You will keep seeking new service options, and that’s what excites you about the start of each new day.

What benefits will you experience from getting to know my Pinnacle Seekers?
Your potential benefits are limitless. As I have done, you can learn plenty from these remarkable professionals. And I guarantee each one will inspire you. Use their Web sites to explore their offerings, and then connect with them to enrich your life.

Now. . .Meet the Pinnacle Seekers


Edie Galley
Longwood, Florida

Browse the Internet and you’ll find hundreds of people who claim they can improve your life dramatically. What makes Edie Galley highly distinctive among that list? Before she said she could change others, first she changed herself.

In her words, she went from being “overweight, sick, and unhappy” to becoming “vibrant, healthy, and happy.” The before-and-after photos on her Web site confirm her weight loss of more than 50 pounds. Those who read her Social Media postings note her frequent jogging outings on the beach near her home—impossible in earlier years.

Professionally, she fostered self-transformation too. She left her successful corporate post to launch her own company, convinced that she could help others “step into their greatness.”

“I specialize,” she explains, “in courage for increased business and personal success.” Again: “I empower people to live their bigger life.” Her most provocative question: “What dream is in you ready to come alive in the world?”

More succinctly, she enables her clients to experience “power, passion, and purpose.”

As a result of her one-on-one coaching, articles, blogs, media interviews, and hosting a radio program, hundreds of individuals “develop more focused, balanced, and fulfilling lives.”

As a speaker, seminar leader, coach, and consultant she serves top level corporate clients, such as Verizon, Accenture, and Cadbury Schweppes.

To talk with Edie Galley for a mere minute assures you she has earned a fitting title: “The Transformer.”

You’ll want to enlist in her newest life-changing program, bringing you revolutionary weight/health information that will help you enjoy the startling revisions Edie discovered herself:

Total Body Transformation 2013


For additional resources about this remarkable life and business coach:

Her Web site: http://ediegalley.com

Her “About Me” page: http://ediegalley.com/meet-edie-galley

My blog feature about her: http://tinyurl.com/bzcc7u9


Ricky Steele
Atlanta, Georgia

Ricky Steele serves as the Chief Development Officer for Hunter Technical Resources in Atlanta, Georgia, a premier IT staffing and recruiting firm.

Throughout his professional career, he has established mutually beneficial relationships through his renowned networking skills. His book–The Heart of Networking, Second Edition–reveals his view of life. Here’s my video review:

Ricky embodies what he advocates—a balanced, “servant leadership” life. He holds leadership roles in United Way, High Tech Ministries, The Atlanta Community Food Bank, and the Ron Clark Academy. Yet his packed schedule includes tireless dedication to his family and his faith.

For business, relationships take center stage with Ricky. He replaces the “ABC” sales formula (Always Be Closing) with “having a relationship with somebody, because this transforms the sales process. (Always Be Caring).” He explains: “Given the opportunity, people buy from people they like.”

Steele spotlights giving, too: “When you give, demanding nothing in return, the return you get often occurs in a way you could not have imagined at the beginning. When you give expecting something in return, that is not a gift but a bribe”. He declares, “Being a giver is a winning strategy in every aspect of our lives.”

If there were one word to describe Ricky it would be passion. His passion for his faith, family, the community, and his career have defined his actions for over 40 years.

Not surprisingly, many audiences benefit annually from Ricky’s stirring speeches.

Visit Ricky Steele’s Web site for additional information:

And take careful notes on his advice about maximizing the power of the Social Media, offered in these brief video interviews:


Karen Chace
East Freetown, Massachusetts

Karen Chace has established herself as a dominant figure in one of the oldest and most revered forms of communication: storytelling. Among her prestigious awards--the coveted Brother Blue-Ruth Hill Award from LANES, given in recognition of "the extraordinary commitment and efforts to promote a broader understanding of the art of storytelling and the support of storytellers in the development of their art.” It serves, as Brother Blue, has said, “To honor those who give their lives to storytelling to change the world.”

Also, Karen received the National Storytelling Networks Oracle Award for Service and Leadership in the Northeast.

She has been writing a column, “Stor E Telling,” for the national Storytelling Magazine for 10 years. She researches storytelling sites from around the world, evaluates them, and then writes a short synopsis. To date, she has produced 96 pages of published research.

How did she get her start professionally? She says: “In 1999 I attended a conference for Talented and Gifted Children in New Hampshire. During our lunch break we were entertained by a remarkable storyteller. I was immediately entranced and intrigued; when I returned home I began to research my new passion and slowly I began my new journey.”

Since then, she has shared compelling stories with a wide range of audiences. Her performances and workshops prompt rave reviews from teachers, children, parents, librarians, and event planners.

Karen describes how storytelling thrills her: “Nothing excites me more than finding just the right story to share! Storytelling has given so much to me. There is no greater joy than being able to do what you love!”

You will want to sign up for her e-mail newsletter and her story-packed blog. You can do that on her website, whose title fits this masterful storyteller perfectly:

To hear my 60 minute radio interview with Karen, click here:


Gina Carr
Orlando, Florida

Gina and I met through our participation in the Georgia Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Ever since, I have marveled at her ever-expanding list of professional skills and accomplishments—which led to the moniker I gave her, “Genius Gina.”

Gina has excelled in real estate, magazine publication, speaking and directing seminars internationally, and consulting with individual clients.

About her role as a business growth strategist, she says: “I help passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans by leveraging social media for more power, influence, and authority.”

She identifies herself as a “Chief Tribe Builder,” which she defines energetically in my video interview with her:

How did she achieve so much so quickly? From what I have observed, the answer is simple. She has surrounded herself with experts, absorbed what they teach, and reshaped their information to suit her communication style and the needs of her clients. Years ago, I told Gina that she had attended more top-tier training sessions than anyone I know. Clearly, her unparalleled commitment to learning has placed her in the forefront of innovative thinkers and doers.

Most recently, she has emerged as the “go to” Social Media expert.

No wonder she has attracted thousands of Facebook fans, Linkedin connections, and Twitter followers.

Aside from her work, for decades, Gina has been a voice for the voiceless – homeless pets.

For additional information, including contact details:

Web site:



Linda Stzanko
Welland, Ontario, Canada

Ever-zestful Canadian Linda Sztanko describes her life this way: “Life is grand, and I am grateful every day.”
If you assume that her life has been easy and exciting all along, your guess would be way off base. How exciting was her life during the 27 years she worked on an assembly line in an automobile plant? How easy was her life when she endured cervical cancer twice? Additionally, Linda still confronts the challenge of Epstein Barr, an immune deficiency syndrome.

Yet Linda took control of her life when she retired from her assembly line job. She reads books, attends seminars, and listens to educational and motivational CDs. In her words, “I am building my self esteem and confidence.”

Three years ago she became a passionate representative for SendOutCards, an innovative greeting card service that operates online. She helps her clients walk through the simple process of customizing cards that surprise and thrill recipients. Linda asks, “How can I not love my job? I make people smile every day.”

Linda and her husband Dan work together as a team professionally. She feels blessed. In her words: “Making someone else feel special is always a good thing.”
Quietly yet steadily, she points to her religious belief as central to her success in business and in life.

You’ll find more information about her, including her contact information, on Facebook:

Also, check her highly creative SendOutCards business on this site:


Kristina Rhoades
Dawsonville, Georgia

Kristina Rhoades - Bill Lampton's Pinnacle Seekers

Kristina Rhoades amazes me with her courage and perpetual vitality. Her life started out quite differently from the lives of most children. When she was ten months old, an accident paralyzed her legs permanently. That incident could have led to a life of self pity and bitterness. That didn’t happen though.

Her favorite activities include spending time on the beach, wake boarding, basketball, swimming, dancing, working out with her personal trainer-- and even rock climbing. Not wanting a motorized wheelchair, she propels herself, sometimes with a helping tug from Chevy, her beloved dog who has been with her for eight years.

As upbeat as she is, she rejects the word “handicapped,” and prefers “challenged” instead, as “disabled” doesn’t fit her either.

More than once when the truck she drives has had engine trouble, Kristina has taken care of that herself by opening the hood and pulling herself up to make the needed repair.

Not only does she produce the WBCX-FM weekly one hour interview program I host, she produces several others and hosts her own, titled “Ocean Breeze.” Plus, she’s General Manager of the station, “The Voice of Brenau.”

She is married to her childhood best friend, Jacob

Little wonder she says “There is nothing more valuable than a positive attitude.”

Little wonder she was named “Miss Wheelchair California” in 2005.

Little wonder that she represents a major clothing manufacturer and a wheelchair company and a company that produces independent living aids—and that she has been featured in print and runway modeling, as well as on film.

Little wonder that her motto is: “Happiness is yours to choose or reject–so embrace it. Sing out loud, give somebody a hug, smile for me, and don’t forget to dance to the music.”

Kristina can’t walk—yet she stands taller than most people you will ever meet.

For grand inspiration, visit her Web site:

Want to guarantee dynamic motivation for your next meeting or convention? Then bring Kristina in as your keynote speaker.

I invite you to listen to my sixty minute interview with her on WBCX-FM:


Atlanta, Georgia

Lori Davila - Bill Lampton's Pinnacle Seekers

Lori Davila offers an amazingly valuable service. In her words:

“I’ve discovered why some people achieve more than others and I want to share that with you.”

Several years ago, her resume reflected an enviable corporate career, as she built a stellar reputation leading marketing and sales for IBM, MasterCard, and MCI, winning company recognition regularly.

Eventually, though, Lori “knew deep down inside there was so much more I was supposed to be doing.”

So when a layoff came, she didn’t grieve. Instead, she established herself quickly as the go-to person for career advice. The Wall Street Journal started interviewing her, and before long she became a regular contributor.

Additionally, McGraw-Hill published two of her books, How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job Every Time and Perfect Phrases for Perfect Hiring. Clearly, in addition to helping job seekers she helps companies hire the right people.

Her massive client list includes hundreds of satisfied individual clients, along with corporate giants like Delta, Coca Cola, General Electric, and IBM.

Through her blog, speeches, seminars, coaching, books, articles, and media appearances, Lori Davila steers job seekers away from common mistakes. Under her mentoring, they give powerful professional impressions when pursuing potential employers.

Here’s how she explains her calling: “To help hundreds of thousands of people around the world accomplish their burning desires and have outrageous success.”

You can sense why Lori Davila merits inclusion in my prestigious Pinnacle Seekers honor group.

“Well,” you may wonder, “is there a lighter side to this high achiever?” For the answer, watch her brief “Laughter Yoga” video on her Web site.

And you’ll find terrific products and services on her Web sites, too:

Recently I interviewed Lori—based in Atlanta, Georgia-- on my weekly radio program, “The Complete Communicator,” on WBCX-FM. On this blog entry, you’ll find our photo, the write up featuring her, and the entire 60-minute audio podcast: http://tinyurl.com/2d8sfh6

Get connected with Lori. . .and she’ll help you identify your personal pinnacle.


Terry Brock
Orlando, Florida

Terry Brock - Bill Lampton's Pinnacle Seekers

Terry Brock has come a long way. He admits to audiences that he made a “D” in an accounting course at Georgia State University. Not only did he repeat the course successfully, he earned his M.B.A. and went on to teach thousands of accountants worldwide as an expert in their field. He has been recognized internationally as an expert in marketing, technology, and building business relationships.

Also, he has come a long way from the Michigan farm country where he grew up. How far? Well, he has spoken, directed seminars, and provided consulting for individuals and top-tier corporations in 25 countries since 1983, including Japan, Bermuda, Canada, Norway, Nigeria, and Australia.

Terry honed his language and presentation skills as a newspaper columnist and radio personality—which you will believe the minute you talk with him for the first time. He started this process when, at age 16, he was asked to cover Richard Nixon’s inauguration for the newspaper where Terry worked at the time.

One of Terry’s most significant contributions to his colleagues: He attends computer and trade shows worldwide, to keep up with the latest developments in technology. Immediately, he advises his newsletter subscribers, blog readers, Web site visitors, coaching clients, and audiences about what they should learn and what they should purchase.

Recently Terry was asked by Skype, the international telecommunications company, to be their chief blogger in matters of business. As such, Terry works closely with leaders in the field of technology around the world interviewing, getting inside information, and learning how businesses can transform their technologies into solid business results.

Speaking personally, Terry has been one of my key role models since I first heard him speak at the National Speakers Association. So when I wanted to strengthen my speaking, coaching, technology, and marketing several years ago, I made one of the finest professional investments anyone could make. I enrolled in Terry Brock’s “High Achievers Coaching System.” The months I worked with Terry challenged me, educated me, and definitely motivated me. Soon, my audiences noted highly visible improvements.

Visit Terry Brock’s Web site—a proverbial gold mine of useful information:

And if you ever have the privilege of meeting Terry, right away you will consider him one of the most personable, genuine high achievers you have ever met.


Santa Barbara, California

No one would have predicted a leadership position in technology for Lorrie Thomas in 1991—not even Lorrie. She didn’t own a personal computer, and she “was by no means Web savvy.” Yet she quit college because a persistent acquaintance told her “there are great opportunities working in online marketing.” Amazingly, she landed a position on the founding team of ValueClick Media.

Fast forward to now. Lorrie serves as CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, lectures at the University of California Berkeley, speaks and directs seminars for major corporations, and wrote a smash-hit book titled Online Marketing, part of The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course series. Check my video review of her book, posted on Amazon:

Repeatedly, she emphasizes that the “true meaning of marketing is maximizing relationships.” Additionally, she doesn’t expect her top-tier clients to master technology instantly. Her advice: “Start small, then snowball.”

Among the leading publications that have featured her: Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Connect with her on Social Media, and you’ll find her refreshingly creative and witty. For instance: She affirms that “the meek may inherit the earth,” but if they are in business they will probably go broke. Regarding people who talk about themselves too much in e-mail: they’re really guilty of using “me mail.” Tempted to fill your Web site with glitter? Then note her counsel that “flash can be trash.”

Devour Pinnacle Seeker Lorrie Thomas’ book, apply her advice, and invite her to speak for your organization. Here are her highly valuable Web sites:


Monica Yaneth Loeb Willis
Cali, Colombia, South America

I became acquainted with Monica Yaneth Loeb Willis when she e-mailed me in 2007, requesting permission to post some of my articles on her Web site. I agreed immediately.

As I became better acquainted with multi-talented Monica, I nicknamed her “Monica Angelo,” since she reminded me of Michelangelo’s versatility.

Monica can be defined as an "eternal student," as she always seeks to learn, and to apply that knowledge helping people. Monica is also an "eternal creator." You can find her creating new elements, from software to Web sites that help others to improve the quality of their lives.

Skills: IT and Management Consultant and Trainer, Webmistress, Self Published Editor and Author and Christian Pastor

Monica has served many clients in her 26 year career. Her clients include organizations such as: Rohner and Associates in USA, Xerox Colombia, Ministerio del Interior y de Justicia de Colombia, Contraloría Municipal de Cali, Centro Médico Imbanaco, Tecnomedicas, Etagro and many additional companies.

Current websites: www.empresariovirtual.com  and www.autorvirtual.com

Languages: Spanish, English, German, Italian and Portuguese

DeWitt Weaver
Braselton, Georgia

In 2004, when I spoke at the Legends Business Owners meeting, I met DeWitt Weaver, a dominant golf force in the state of Georgia and a superlative golfer on the national scene. Having admired him as a great golfer and a person of high character, meeting him was a special privilege I continue to cherish..

Among DeWitt Weaver’s athletic highlights:

  • PGA Tour Player, 1967-89, won two tournaments
  • Champions Tour Player, starting in 1989, won one tournament
  • Won Georgia PGA Championship 7 times
  • Won Georgia Open Championship 4 times
  • Georgia Player of the Year, 1980, 1981
  • He and son DeWitt III only father-son winners of the Georgia Open, and
    they scored world record 55 in a two-man competitive scramble
  • In 1969, IBM statistics ranked DeWitt longest driver on the PGA Tour,
    averaging 279.8 yards, one yard longer than Jack Nicklaus
  • Inducted into Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, 1998
  • Inducted into Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, 2003
  • Inducted into Northeast Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, 2004
  • A multi-sport athlete at SMU

Yet with all of these enviable sports records and honors, DeWitt “considers his personal commitment to Christ, the marriage to his wife Sheri, the birth of his four children and his twelve grandchildren his greatest moments.”

Also, DeWitt has supported his church and numerous civic and charitable causes for decades, and participates in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. DeWitt plays in several charitable golf events annually.

On May 4, 2009, DeWitt hosted the fifteenth annual DeWitt Weaver Eagle Ranch Golf Classic, held at Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA. During that decade and a half, the tournament has raised more than $400,000 for Eagle Ranch, which partners with families to pursue restoration and reunification for boys and girls in crisis.

DeWitt represents The Legends at Chateau Elan and the PGA SUPERSTORE on the Champions Tour. He has lived at Chateau Elan for fifteen years.

His Web site: www.dwgolfsolutions.com

Vancouver, BC, Canada

As I prepared my presentations for the British Columbia Legal Management Association’s Convention in 2008, board member Jan Whyte acquainted me with the association’s purpose and direction, and the responsibilities of legal managers. Then throughout my day-long speech/seminar, Jan participated actively in the discussions, which encouraged others to share their ideas.

Immediately after the sessions, Jan joined me for a video interview about Coaching, which you can watch on my blog:

A couple of months later, Jan wrote an article about goal setting, explaining her goal setting formula for 2009. You can read this article on my blog:

A 26-year veteran of Vancouver’s civil litigation industry and law firm management, Jan holds the unique title of Administrator and Director of Player Personnel for Murphy Battista.

Additionally, Jan is a Certified Professional Coach (EQi, SDi), specializing in social/team dynamics and emotional intelligence. Jan serves on the International Coach Federation Board and is Vice-President of the BC Legal Management Association in Vancouver, where she promotes leadership and custom system design for law firms, using her specialized coaching techniques. Among her group programs: Team Dynamics, Interviews and Feedback and the Young Professionals Lecture Series. She also offers volunteer support to legal staff as well as to youth sports teams and families in her community. An active representative of the international My Life Compass coaching program for professional women headed by Kim Fulcher, she is partnering with Compass and other professional organizations to sponsor a benevolent fund for coaching support for those professionals in need to help them through tough economic times, personal loss or tragedy, and other difficult circumstances where their employment has been lost or is at risk due to unfortunate external influences.

A firm believer in the power of strong foundations and well-directed organizations, Jan states: “I believe anything can be accomplished with the right team and strategy.”

I recommend her Coaching service as a guaranteed step toward improving your life and your professional performance. Her Coaching Web site:

Boston, Massachusetts

Don and I became acquainted when he asked me to review one of his just-published books for Amazon. Soon I realized that I had met a literary giant.

He is an author, professor at Rushmore University, internationally recognized business consultant (CEO of Mitchell and Company), and humanitarian—wanting to increase literacy and reduce poverty, while fostering spiritual growth worldwide.

In his book Adventures of an Optimist, Don explains the “400 year project,” encouraging people to make improvements in their lives and in the world at 20 times the normal rate.

Among the books he has authored or coauthored: The 2,000 Percent Solution and The Ultimate Competitive Advantage.

Don asserts that “no matter how successful your organization is, it is performing way below its easily achievable potential. If your organization is like most, it is probably functioning below average in many activities.” He adds: “Complacency is the primary reason for this frequent, significant gap between potential and achievement.” Through his writing and consulting, he helps organizations shake off this complacency.

One of his most amazing achievements—ranking in the top 10 among Amazon.com’s book reviewers, having written 3,739 reviews.

How does he accomplish so much? As a high school sophomore, he learned rapid reading skills, covering 2,000 words a minute with excellent comprehension. Habitually, he reads 2-3 hours daily.

Don is also a delightful dinner partner, as I learned when he hosted me in Boston while I was providing communication coaching for Gillette.

His Web site: http://www.mitchellandco.com


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