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Meeting Planners



The speaker/seminar leader is the key to your event. You know that from experience. Your people know that. So you want to bring in a presenter who takes the worry out of your planning.

Well then. . .notice what Jan Whyte said, after hearing Bill's keynote at the
British Columbia Legal Management Association's conference:

"When I saw the Championship Communicator was going to be our keynote speaker, I thought "Well, that should be a ringer!" What professional specializing in communication could fail to meet expectations in conveying concepts to a group of law firm managers? What I was not prepared for, and what brought me into complete presence throughout his keynote address, was feeling through his words and actions that Dr. Lampton had complete appreciation for and interest in our profession. He regularly hit unique issues and scenarios right on target, which kept me engaged and anxious to hear what he had to say about solutions. Dr. Lampton had obviously taken the time and made a considerable effort to fully understand our plights and current challenges, and presented a relevant and thought provoking series of applications which we could all take away and immediately apply. I am truly grateful for Dr. Lampton agreeing to come to the "Far North" to put his ideas forth to our Association - and I am personally inspired to apply the same attention to bringing empathy and true understanding to my office management and professional coaching practices."

--Jan Whyte, Professional Coach and Delegate,
BCLMA Whistler Conference 2008


Since launching his company, Championship Communication, in 1996, Dr. Lampton has made hundreds of presentations that bring:

  • Information - relevant, practical business information, customized for every audience
  • Motivation - “strategies for staying in high gear” that last beyond the meeting
  • Involvement - participants switch from passive listening to active learning
  • Entertainment - his tasteful, spontaneous humor keeps the group alert
  • Teamwork - fostered by a fresh approach to communication
  • Productivity - more sales, greater customer relations
  • Prestige - his clients reach new plateaus in their industry



Please review these specific steps that Bill takes in sequence--to guarantee a super-charged presentation. . .that generates improved professional performance.

  • Initial phone conversation about what you want his presentation to accomplish
  • Bill writes an article the organization will publish in its newsletter, so the
    audience gets familiar with him and the event’s theme.
  • Bill E-mails you a brief biographical sketch, which you can use for publicizing the event and for introducing him when he speaks/directs a seminar. He provides a photo also.
  • You provide a list of names, phone numbers and E-mail addresses of 4 or 5 of your leaders that Bill will contact: officers, owners of small and large businesses, etc.
  • Bill E-mails these leaders and gives them three questions to answer, either by
    phone or E-mail, whichever they prefer.
  • Bill requests permission to quote them during the presentation and/or call on them for comments. Their participation encourages others to join the periodic short discussions.
  • Four weeks prior to the meeting, Bill sends you a link to a brief (2-3 minutes)
    video he has produced, saying hello to the membership and previewing the
    program. You will E-mail that link to potential attendees, and display it on your Web site.  This way, the participants “meet” the speaker and interest starts mounting.
  • At the meeting, Bill arrives at least an hour early, to make sure his Power Point
    is set up satisfactorily. Also, he circulates among the members as they come in, introduces himself, and gathers more ideas and opinions he will use in his speech.
  • During the speech, Bill guides the group through brief interactive demonstrations of the main points.
  • Bill promotes additional involvement by roaming through the audience with a hand-held microphone, asking questions and fielding comments and questions.
  • Bill devotes the last 5-10 minutes of the speech to specific actions the members should  take when they return to their duties.
  • After the speech, Bill is available for purchase of his book and audio CDs. (Or the client can purchase multiple copies ahead of the meeting at discounted prices.)
  • Event participants come by his table to sign up for his free, monthly E-mail newsletter.
  • Bill will write a follow up article for your publication, reminding readers of the steps they are to take to implement his recommendations.
  • Bill will confer with the leaders to determine steps for maintaining momentum afterward— surveys, seminars, focus groups, executive coaching, teleconferencing, online training (including videos), and more.


Charles R. Oglesby, President and CEO of Nalley Automotive Group, called Bill to energize his sales force. Afterward, Charles wrote:

"It was a great privilege having you present to our sales people at our quarterly sales meeting. Your dynamic style and the super-charged message were both highly motivating to our group. I have received positive feedback from many who attended.Thank you so much for an invigorating presentation."


Braden Albert, President of the acclaimed HR Star Conference, booked Bill two consecutive years, then said:

"In all the years that I have been organizing conferences, I feel that Bill Lampton is one of the very best speakers that I have ever heard. He reaches out to the audience with a warmth and sincerity that is rare. Bill has a way of making his material flow effortlessly while keeping the attendees entertained and energized."


Kelly Smith, Executive Director of the Independent Banks of South Carolina, used Bill’s services twice, and commented:

"Bill's listeners are accustomed to a presentation that's interesting, entertaining, and packed with practical advice that helps people communicate more effectively."



Want to put your event into the hands of an expert?

Want to know that once you sign a Letter of Agreement, your worries are over—because success is certain?

Want your organization to experience quick and lasting change—as Doug Lawson witnessed at Laidlaw, Inc.?

“He kept the audience focused and involved. Subsequent to his presentations, we have noticed positive changes in the behavior of our employees and their communication skills with our customers. We would highly recommend Dr. Lampton to prospective clients.”


While they are gearing up for performance improvement, they will enjoy Bill’s presentation, as described by Samantha Abrams, GEICO Partnership Manager, Marketing:


“While you were speaking that morning, I started to think of all the different speaking engagements and training seminars I have attended, and thought what a difference you would have made if you were the one on the stage.”



Now’s the time for action. Have your calendar handy. Call Bill, to bring him in as your speaker/seminar leader.

His service standard says it all:

Providing a premium level of service
In a highly cooperative fashion
Bringing prominent and permanent value
Making your investment your best bargain ever


Call today. . .Make that wise investment. Then you will enjoy one of your most productive, memorable events ever.

Success is just one phone call away:



Email to: Bill Lampton, Ph.D.

“Speech Coach for Champions”

Write him at:
Championship Communication
P.O. Box 908267
Gainesville, GA 30501-0920

Call: 678-316-4300


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