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Here’s a list of Web sites that I visit again and again. As you can guess, I have earmarked these sites as "Favorites," so I can return to them easily. My guess is that some of them will become your favorites as well, once you have used them.




In 1998—one year after I launched Championship Communication—I started relying on Mike Stewart of Soundpages to teach me audio production and, several years later, video production. And Mike will tell you that I am not technically oriented by nature.

With Mike’s help, I have produced numerous audio CDs, along with 40 videos that appear on You Tube and in my blog.

So whether Mike is directing a seminar or coaching an individual, he is the “go-to guy” for audio and video training.

I encourage you to use the link below to view my brief video about Mike’s S3 Media Player, and then watch his short video explaining how you can order this incredible device. http://thecompletecommunicator.com/?p=178




This site is a gold mine for entrepreneurs and those who operate small businesses. Janet Attard issues an online newsletter that’s packed with valuable tips, and you’ll find a signup spot on the site. Also, there’s an archive of past articles, along with an abundance of business tips, all presented in clear, simple language.



If you're looking for "the most complete source of ideas and free resources for the virtual entrepreneurs," you'll find exactly that when you turn to Empresario Virtual (EV). Monica Loeb Yaneth Willes--based in Cali, Colombia, South America--created EV, and expands its offerings constantly. EV covers marketing, sales, technology, management, training, and related topics. You'll benefit tremendously. EV attracts viewers from 58 countries. Monica has honored me by featuring several of my articles and videos in EV.
English Version: http://www.empresariovirtual.com/eng

Spanish Version: http://www.empresariovirtual.com




Alan W. Urech, is Managing Partner of Stoney River Capital Partners, LLC, a large and growing Trusted Resource Network (TRN) of “C” level professionals that support organizations who want to expand their businesses. This TRN includes cultivation of a private equity and debt source network that places investments into high growth potential companies.

Alan has thirty years experience in successfully developing and commercializing entrepreneurial companies. He and his TRN use their leadership skills, methodologies and best practice expertise to help organizations understand and implement appropriate business strategies to methodically expand their companies.

SRCP focuses in the Healthcare, Information Technology, Life Sciences and Consumer Product industries but is certainly open to any attractive funding opportunity.




Alf Nucifora is one of America's leading marketing consultants. As an acknowledged authority, he is in constant demand as a professional speaker and seminar leader on sales and marketing related subjects, with particular emphasis on branding strategy, marketing communications, and customer service. Alf's syndicated column, Shoestring Marketing, which appears weekly in more than 60 business publications around the U.S., is now considered to be the premier layman's source for small business marketing information. Be sure to sign up for his stimulating E-zine newsletter, The Alf Report.


When I started my company several years ago, I attended an all-day session directed by "Visibility Marketing" Expert Raleigh Pinskey. Not only was she a dynamic presenter, she gave me PR and marketing ideas that I have used every day since then. She will help you "Maximize your Biz-Ability through Vis-Ability." More good news: she has made her advice available for entrepreneurs through her Web site, and in several books. My favorite Raleigh Pinskey book: 101 Ways to Promote Yourself. On her Web site, note that you can sign up for her free PR and marketing E-mail newsletter.


Through his company--Achievement Systems--Terry Brock helps audiences and clients worldwide, by translating obscure technical jargon into easily understandable language. What about you? Are you confused about the hardware you need for your business and the ideal software to accompany it? Do you want to learn blogging, podcasting and how to e-mail video messages instead of plain text? Interested in recording audio CDs from your office? Then sign up for Terry’s newsletter and his personal coaching--the biggest bargain you will find anywhere. You cannot excel in today's marketing climate by using a manual typewriter and index card file. Widely-syndicated columnist Terry Brock will help you master the technology that puts you well ahead of the competition. As one of his coaching clients and long-time beneficiaries of his expertise, I recommend him enthusiastically.




You can use Switchboard to find the name, address and phone number of anyone in the United States who has a listed phone number. This saves the trouble and expense of calling an operator. If a person has a registered E-mail address, you can ask for that as well. Switchboard will even respond to your search for a group. Using a drop-down menu, you can ask for a list of dentists in Seattle and get an alphabetical list, very similar to a Yellow Pages listing.




GetResponse provides a very economical way to produce and distribute my online newsletter, "Winning Words and Ways." An added benefit: the company's customer service by phone astounds me every time. Also, the Live Chat help responds quickly and effectively as well.




Sometimes we cannot communicate clearly because we are surrounded by clutter.  We didn’t let our home or workplace get that way intentionally--it just happened, as we said repeatedly, “I’ll straighten up someday.”  Recently, I admitted that I wasn’t going to overcome these problems alone. I hired Monica Ricci, an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, to assess my office setup, and then make recommendations for rearranging my information, supplies, and procedures.  Monica was indescribably helpful.  We designed a plan that fit my time and budget.  Immediately, I located important items that had been missing, and acted on them.  Equally important, Monica and I devised a plan to maintain an orderly system.  I recommend Monica very highly. Her company is Catalyst Organizing Solutions, based in Alpharetta, Georgia.




Gina Carr is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Marketing Consultant who works with entrepreneurs and authors to leverage social media marketing for publicity, profits and success. Combining her street-smarts learned as a publisher and small business owner with her book-smarts learned at the Harvard Business School (MBA 1990) and Georgia Tech (BIE 1984), Gina helps business owners turn great ideas into profitable money-making machines. She offers one-on-one consulting, group coaching and marketing products and services. Known around the world as The Tribe Builder, Gina helps passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans for their business or non-profit organization. Get connected with Gina at www.ginacarr.com.



No one has accused me of being a natural born techie. So I’m grateful that Paul Hutchins of P-H Computers has helped me get through many technology challenges. For several years--at competitive rates--Paul has worked with me on backing up information regularly, installing and explaining new software programs, eliminating useless clutter, organizing contents for greater efficiency, and acquiring beneficial equipment upgrades. If you live in north Georgia, Paul is just the person to call for your personal and business technology needs. His number: 678-316-3456



As a team leader, you may be thinking: “No need to put any more time or money into training my people. No matter how much they talk about what they learned in a seminar, their enthusiasm wears off within a week, and they revert back to their old habits. Hasn’t anybody thought of a way to make training really last?”

Yes! Two highly innovative experts in learning and development—Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., and Meredith Bell—designed a remarkable system called ProStar Coach. They describe it as the “ultimate virtual coaching system for personal and professional development.”

I agree. Their online coaching program is easy to learn, cost-effective, covers the major components of self-development, and provides vital feedback that keeps participants interested. Even better news—they become dramatically more productive.

Now click on ProStar Coach, so you can start your team on this powerful virtual coaching system right away.




As a professional speaker who travels nationwide, I need to know what to pack for Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, St. Louis, or Los Angeles, year-round. By clicking on the Weather Channel and entering the ZIP code of my destination, I get the answers quickly, even a five-day forecast. Of course, this is useful for home base as well, to tell me what outdoor activities are possible for the weekend. Easy to access, and just as reliable as a radio or TV forecast.


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