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Is the term "blog" one you are familiar with? If so, you know that a "blog" is a combination of two words--Web and log. Now, this is not a log that came from a tree. This log is similar to a person's diary (remember how ships at sea kept a "log," a detailed accounting of events?). So a "Web log"--or blog in a combined abbreviation--is akin to an individual's diary of thoughts that he or she shares with a wide audience by making it available on the Internet.

Here is the link to Bill’s Video Blog:


You may want to ask, "Why, Bill, did you create a video blog?" Here are my reasons:

First: While I offer tips on communication, motivation, customer service and sales through my free, e-mail monthly newsletter—Winning Words and Ways--there are many valuable thoughts that come to me more than once a month. I want to have a vehicle for sharing them immediately.

Second: I welcome reader feedback--your responses to what I have written. Yes, some people write back after reading my newsletter. Yet I am sure that more readers will respond when they read my blog.

Third: Blogging gives me an opportunity to talk more specifically about current events. For example, let's say I had been blogging when CNN Headline News changed its evening format. Definitely, I would have voiced my disagreement, because as a media veteran I think Headline News surrendered the format that made it distinctive. Of course, I would have wanted to know what my blog readers thought about the format switch. That lively exchange of ideas is one reason blogging has become so popular.

Fourth: Blogging offers unlimited space. I can write four or five blog entries a week. . .or ten entries. This means you will want to keep checking my blog regularly, at least a couple of times a week, to see the brief entries I have added, and--equally as exciting--to read comments from readers, then add your own.

Fifth: I can use videos on my blog, which I can’t provide in my newsletter. Go to my video blog now, to see brief videos I produced in Cozumel, Cancun, Grand Cayman, and Roatan in Honduras, with relevant text to explain the communication lessons the videos illustrate.

Sixth: So I can share the podcasts of my WBCX-FM weekly radio interview program with you. In addition to hearing each broadcast, you’ll see photos of my guests and a description of their professional service.

How do you get to my blog? That's easy. Use this link:


Once you arrive there, bookmark my blog, and/or put it in your Favorites section.

I can guess that you are curious about the cost. Same as the newsletter--complimentary, no charge at all. So all you will invest is your reading time and your time writing responses. In simple language--it is free!


NOTE: Neither I nor anyone else will share your contact information.

So, I encourage you to visit my video blog immediately!

Here's what some communication experts are saying about my blog:

"Bill Lampton, Ph.D., has ventured into a new wave of communicating with us. Yes--'Blogging.' What a novel way to express and share one's professional ideas all around the world. Dr. Lampton has motivated and inspired me in my hospitality industry of sales and communications. I will continue to 'Blog-in' daily to see how I can improve my life with a better understanding of my clients. We will all learn from each other. I recommend you join in daily, for your inspiration."
Shelley A. Lighter, CTIS, Montana and Idaho Sales Director, Hospitality Associates-LaQuinta Inn & Suites


"Your blog is a prize winner, and a great addition to your total communications effort!"
Bill Bell, Otto, N.C., thirty-five year veteran of sales and executive leadership. billbell2@earthlink.net


"Wow! What a practical, real-world, highly-relevant piece of information you have assembled with your Blog. Your thoughts are pertinent and applicable to us in many situations. And they are short! What a delight for us in a time-compressed society. I also love the way you offer products to emphasize what you've done without over-commercializing. Bill, you've done Blogging the right way and it is powerful. I'm delighted to be a reader of your Blog and look forward to more good information from it in the future."
Terry Brock, Marketing Coach and Syndicated Columnist


In short, these respected professionals recommend enthusiastically that you "blog with Bill."


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